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@is a web site for customers who emphasiz individuality sucha as product,brand,quality,overseas information and service EEEEE
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More important announcements than la strada and Mercedes-benz, thank you for your understanding
New platform la strada Avanti AWD series
Debuts Avanti luxury model from 2020 model equipped with airsuspention by VE produced
2020 la strada is comitted to quolity and performance foreverEEEFIAT Ducato is more economical and comfortable with the addition of 9-speed-AT in addition to improvement to AdBlue


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All handling manufactures are semi-custome order,so both exterior and interior parrerns can be used to meet the customer's preferences.
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Europe's latest RV information in 2019

Motor homeF222 nits
PlatformF@23 units
CaravanF60 units

VAN series
65 modelsF
Compact RV A
Camping with the Bed   B1
 Camping with the Bed  B2
Alcoven series
36 modelsF
Less than 50,000 euros  C 
Over than 50,000 euros 
Lowprofile series
61 modelsF
Less than 60,000 euros  E1
  Less than 60,000 euros E2
  Over than 60,000 euros  F
Integrated series
47 modelsF
Less than 80,000 euros  G1
 Less than 80,000 euros  G2
Over than 80,000 euros  H
Liner series
13 modesFI

Platform depend on vehicles F

First  L 
Lower Midle  M
Upper Middle   O
Luxury   P

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Other service:
In my comany not only sales of vehicles but also can be accecpted the following jobs;
Advanced check.
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Please do not hesitate contact us if you have trouble in the vehicle that has been purchased in the other companies.

The latest developments in the real European RV.
The transformation of the European RV industry,which has been a long-term splendor:

One is prolonged global economic downturn that has guranteed retirment in old Western Europe but also a decrease in private investment in recreational vehicles due to cloudy pension benefits;
In conjunction with this, the company protection by the old and new turnover and grouping as reorganization of RV builders.
I encounter a lot of the brand that I do not see a little familiar when you are browsing the web and magazines,and try to verify the oldEEE
The company has established a new company name or brand name by the change of owner,etcEEEeconomic factors change.
The category of RV vehicles:
The shift of production from a caravan to a motor-caravan that emphasizes profitability by rasing the temporary European economy in eary 2000 years;
In the category of motor-caravan the shift to the low profile(class B in the USA designation) from the name of the Arkobun called by France,which has a bank bed at the top of the cab seats which emphasizes the driving property and design from around 2005;
In retrospect it has already begun to leave the car to the RV and it is proven that the production of each company is not increased only as a strategy to change the short-term of the customer.
After this the accelerated economic downturn by "Lehmanshock"in 2007;The next strategy of the manufacture is to make the debut of the large-scale vehicle(over 5 tons) of the rear wheel two-axle to promote comfort to existing customers with the appeal to new custoers by the implementation of coloring to the body as response to the disparity society.
"Whistle-blowing but not danced",especially in the market of large vehicle,the stronghold of the RV vehicle of more than 7 tons that are manufactured by full-time manufacture before and after 10 companies it seems to have been unable to even distribute the trailed.
The state of "the pie in te picture"which is published in the catalogue.

The latest trend seems to be focused on the cheaper version of the integrated model called class A;
Class A is motor caravan where the bare chassis is purchased from the vehiclemanufacture and all completed by coach builder.
Previously it was like a medal as a new entry to the third cara manufacture if it comes to be able to make this calass A,but now the common parts such as front window and shell have become to builder's a contarctor who can asseble a lot,I am just amazed at the builder's class A in less than ten years.
Of couse safty and quality are not compared with proper builders.
In conclusion only the appearance is class A, but the contents are bargain version itself.
Conscientious manufactures explain the difference between existing class A in the catalogue, but most manufactures simply do not explain thatthe new model debut or the addition of the grade is a cheap version of the appearance to the general visitor.
When it is purchased I think that it learns on the joy of owning up to the heavens, but I think that it doule emptiness as the content is understood every day, and I thin that it is surprised at a signficant price drop at the time of resal after all.
So, I think yu can see that the popularity of luxuary cars used in th eEuropeanmarket is concentrated in the real taste.
Smart shopping is not just about choosing a brand, it is most important to discern the quality itself.

Introduction of company and product.
The company is very small but it introduces the La strada of wonderful insistence product builing: with the expansion of FIAT Ducato-based european campers, a wide variety of campers have been imported recently but the products of the where are company are also under the embraella of major companies with the dificulty of funding.
In comparison to this la strada is still working hard as an independent entrepneur
and that is why we maintain a loyal customer with a stubborn product.
The increase of the selection cara is happy information for the consumer, but unfortunately nowadays campers are made to cry in the price-oriented inferior goods thought the gem of high longing of th ewuality was the center in the original european camper.
The appearance of the base veicle and equipment stc. or the interior is the same, but it is considered for the hidden parts which can not be seen to be the base of the camper: the weight has been reduced for safety of insulation, soundproofing,moisture proof,campers are supposed to look disillusioned and become an expensive big-time consumer good,
Against them la strada is one of the most unsual builders in Europe with a motto of "Handmade high quality products",regardless of the number of production or business strategy that emphasizes sales by models.
By making full use of high technology,we provide campers with an emphasis on durability and safety to fulfill customer satisfaction,"Coach builider of the ultimate class B",especially in the seamless steel body making, it is manufacture who boasts the super-prestigious reputation comparable to the car manufacture.
The seamless steel body is not only aesthtic but also in the field of durability and strength,th formation body using the composite material is no comparison including the price side.
The manufacture's category is associate with Van conversion, but in the actual product group, it has super low profile manufacturing process and has body structure comparable to the A-class integrated model.
In general the Van model camper is a simple model is about 40,000 euros,the price difference is caused by the difference of the production process which emphasaizes the quality that the la strada product is price range comparable to the class A of the cheaper version.
Please refer with above the world album
and we will provide a customized modle for your use and your budget accordingly.

Difference in our service and technologies:
Ever since our company founding 25 years ago,have been consistently engaged in the handling of imported campers,so to speak we are company of import specialists.

What is feature or price even if the selection of the products,technology,design or the company policy consistent with ours?EEEEEWe ake time to examine and determine the handling.
As a result, industry opinion leaders are always proud to be our company;in a specific exsample Campers with permanet bed and lowprofile body by Rapido,RV-LINER with woodless body by Euramobil and the like.I ompresions we can not deny that commodity sold domestically is the manstream of "brand-leading type" that ignores the cost performance not only camper but also the general consumer's lack of information.
The brand is built by a resonable amount of the time and advertising costs and we have received your support but it is understood that all brand products are not necessarity the best products.
I think that thereare many cases in which the Jpanaese who do not understand the essence are gripped Baba by "brand is everything".Anyway the most important thing is to be able to get a real high cost-performance to tell whether the product is really a top-noych product even if its is a brand product.The price is honest! I sometimes ask people in the profession of brand manufactures.Why is this product cheap in brand product? I can convince you to ask why but unfortunately this answer is one of the things that ordinary consumers do not know. Therefore I think that it is very important to ask questions until convincing.
Pricing but what is the difference a simple pricing that is multiplied by the current exchange rate at the companu's FOB? Why is this money?
We have the customer's undestanding by logical price setting including the techonlogy.
If you have any questions please ask us at any time and we will explain to you that you are satisfied with the local information.

What is difference between imported vehicle s and domestically prouced?
All passenger cars sold in Europe(M1 catergory) are required to acquire WVTA. Whta's theWVTA?WVTA's inspection is law that must obtain more than 50 individual certifications including environmental test ranging from safety standards such as brake tests and collision tests to exhasust gasses and scrapped recycling.
Therefore the individual test is carried put inthe state where the original shell has been completed in the platform provided by the cara manufacture in the remodeling car such as the RV-vehicle.A techinical conformity of certificate(COC)will be granted to each RV in the vehicle that passes the test. BBy the way the domestic camper does not have the standarad to guarantee the security of such a frame vehcle.
The certification criteria as camper which is stipulated by the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure(MOLI)(@bed sizeAcookware and spaceBsafety as vehicle such as the adoption of flame retardant fabric is only irrelevant items.Unfortunately itis absurd fact that the accident caused by domestic camper that has been produced along with such a moonshine adminisrt
rative bill has triggered a serious personal accident.
If the current situation of the Japan which can not have the expectation of the policy of administration,it is necessary to choose and defend own safety. Inorder to do this it is best to choose hardware that conforms to accurate knowledge and information.
Wehave been provided a lot of information in voluntee for the safety and security of such customers.

Comitment to our handling model in our company.
We conclude the agency agreement only by the manufacture who has the commitment which made the best use of individual characteristics in each vehicle maker(coach bulider) and the quality and the feature of each model are valued and import and sell only the examined product which is suitable for the brand.
Therefore the brand name does not handole the junk(inferior product)models which is said that quality is third rate even in the first class.
Please refer to the following recommended manufactures and models according to your preference:
Customers who want a differentiated compact car that is not avilable to other companies"La strada products
The latest body technology (next-generation camper structure) to make full use of the durability(10-year warranty) as a large-scale consumer product "Euramobil products".
"Rapido products" for customers who the elegance of the RV with focus on the visual emphasis on the interior.
I think that there is probably no demand in the Japan but I recomend the "MORELO products" of the LINER specialized manufacture for those who want a shelter or residntial motor home.The big difference between the camper that is based on the domestic car in both the manufacture and model ,I am sure that you can enjoy traveling without stress to any place by safety driving stability and economy of the sedan vehicle.

The last of all,please to advise to customers wishing for a large vehicle:
These days we look at both inside and outside the propaganda of the large vehicle of FF drive(front wheel) with sense of chea but please refer to our advice when consideringit.
We do not recommend a more than 7m FF-based camper due to the road situation is completely difference in Japan and Europe.If you would like to learn more please contact us by phoen or mail..

I additon please undestand that the product of our company is made to be understood all by this HP and the delivery of the catalogue is canceled now.
LYNCS Co.,Ltd is an athorized dealer certified in the following companies;
la Strada
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